My Hubby Gives Me a New Baby-G Watch, and Some Weekend Fun Time at Home

Hey! How was your weekend?

Ours was simply amazing. Yesterday, we went to the mall to run some errands and to buy this…

Yes, it’s my new G-Shock Baby-G watch and I’m so happy to have it! 🙂 It’s my husband’s simple present for me for being a good mom and teacher to Macey. 🙂

Actually, he received a small incentive from his company but prior to this, he promised to give me a new watch after I lost my old G-shock watch (which was the same as his) when I was robbed four years ago. So ayan, ngayon lang napalitan. 🙂 

I initially wanted to have a white colored-watch but he said that this light pink watch looks better on me and I agree. It’s beautiful. I love it! At first look, it looks pink but it’s more of skin tone or beige or pinkish white. If you search for this model online, most of the pictures look pink, but it’s lighter in personal.

This is Baby-G BGA-230SC-4BDR and we bought it for P4,400 at Time Hop-Farmer’s Cubao branch. It’s worth P6,000-P7,000 in other stores but we did our research and we found out that Time Hop offers the cheapest price for legit and authentic G-Shock watches. This watch is also available online at Lazada and as of this writing, the price for this model is P6,817.

After buying this watch, we then went to my brother’s house where we left Macey while playing with his cousin, Xian. Going to their house on weekends has been part of our routine. We let the kids play while we play cards or watch movies.

After our Saturday night play time, we decided to take Xian home too so he and Macey could have more play time today. It’s Xian’s first time to sleep over at our home alone, without his parents or her Tita Jean (my sister). Good thing he didn’t cry. 🙂

The kids woke up early and played. Then, they watched Moana and had their most anticipated “swimming time” using our inflatable pool.

While the kids were busy playing, my husband made sushi which was sooo yummy! 🙂 And the ladies including myself, Jean and Dada (our aunt who lives with us) had some chillin’ and videoke bonding time. 

That was how our weekend went and I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. 🙂

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