The Big Day! My Baby’s Birth Day!


My OB scheduled me for checkup today at 11am-12pm. My parents accompanied me to the hospital since my husband reported to work.

I gave the ultrasound result to my OB and she said everything was normal. She also checked my blood pressure and it was quite high at 140/100. I’ve always had normal BP since I got pregnant and we felt a bit worried with its sudden rise.

I remembered that I did a lot of walking that day. I did a 30-minute walk with Manang that morning and I also went to the wet market with mom-in-law for more walk. I also took the stairs going to the second floor of the hospital where my OB’s room is located. I told my OB about these so she checked my BP again after an hour but it didn’t change.

She also checked my weight and I was 190 lbs. She then checked my tummy and IE’d me. She told me that my cervix was already 4cm dilated. I was surprised! I felt excited and scared at the same time.

It was already lunch time and I was hungry but she advised me not to eat anything. Instead, I took a medicine for contraction that she prescribed.

She advised me to get physically, mentally, and spiritually ready because I will be admitted that same day.

I was shocked! Based from what I researched, I’m supposed to feel extreme pains all over my body during contractions or when I’m about to give birth. And I’m certain I haven’t felt anything like that so I thought it wasn’t the right time yet. But she insisted that I should be admitted.

She told me to call my husband and have him bring my stuff and baby’s stuff to the hospital including all my documents for admission. She advised me to stay in the hospital while waiting for the contractions to happen but I felt mixed emotions of excitement and fear.

I insisted to go home first even if she didn’t allow me. I spent a few minutes inside our room praying and thinking about everything – the painful contractions and labor that I was about to experience anytime soon, the excitement of finally meeting our baby when she comes out, that unexplainable feeling that I would be a mom already, and everything else about having a baby just came into my mind…

We went back to the hospital around 2PM with my husband, my parents, and mom-in-law. We talked to my OB and then she accompanied me to the labor room.

I changed my clothes, I was given an IV, my tummy was attached to a monitor, and everything else was pretty much prepared. I held my prayer book and rosary on my left hand and I was praying the whole time.

Few more minutes passed but I haven’t felt anything painful yet. My OB, the anesthesiologist, another doctor, and 2 nurses were already there waiting.

My OB IE’d me from time to time but she wasn’t seeing any progress with my cervix dilatation. It’s stuck at 4cm. They said the contractions were normal on the monitor and I was supposed to feel pain but I really wasn’t feeling anything painful. I don’t know if I just have a high pain tolerance but I was already having a feeling that something wasn’t going normal.

We all waited for few more hours until my OB decided to break my waters. At first she did it using a long metal, but it didn’t work so she just did it with her finger which worked after a few tries. When it broke, I felt a large amount of warm fluid coming out from my vagina.

I’ve been curious about that ‘water broke’ that I’ve read and heard from my sources and I felt happy that I finally experienced it myself. I thought I was going to feel pain right after my waters broke but it didn’t happen. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to experience contractions and labor pains. I felt that pregnancy and delivery are incomplete without labor pains.

We waited for another hour or two until my OB finally decided to undergo C-section operation due to an arrest in cervix dilatation.

She went out of the labor room to talk to my husband and parents while the anesthesiologist told me that she’s going to inject an anesthesia through my spine. She set my expectation that it’s going to be really painful but I think I already fell asleep even before she injected it because I didn’t feel anything. The rest happened during my sleeping moments…

I finally woke up at 3AM. Only one nurse was there and she told me that my baby was at the NICU.

I was still groogy that time that I couldn’t even remember anything that happened after the anesthesiologist told me that she’s going to inject the spinal anesthesia. From what I read in the blogs, anesthesia injection on the spine is the most painful of all. And I can’t even remember if something like that happened. Did I experience temporary amnesia? I don’t know…

Then the nurse told me that we’re going to drop by the NICU to see my baby before she transferred me to the recovery room. I was very excited to see her and when I finally did, I couldn’t explain the happiness and excitement that I felt.

I kissed and hugged her very tightly with tears of joy. After almost 10 months of being together while she was in my womb, I finally met my precious one.

She looked so lovable and adorable. She’s an angel and a true blessing from God. I wanted to cuddle her longer but she had to stay at the nursery while I had to go back to the recovery room.

That was the most amazing moment in my life. Ever!

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  1. Hi janice! Just wanted to ask who was your OB at world citi and how was the csection experience you had? Did your ob do bikini cut and how long did it take for you it to heal and after how many days were you discharged from the hospital? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristina,

      Sorry super late response. 🙂
      My OB was Dr. Olivia Ocampo. No, mine wasn’t bikini cut, but I think you can request naman before the operation… Iba kasi ung case ko, ndi na nila ako ntanong kung anong cut kc naging unconscious na ko nun…
      Hmm, i think it took 2 months for the wound (outside) to heal.
      I was only admitted for 3 days.

  2. Hi Janice, I hope you still read this its been 2 yrs I hope this is still active. I am actually looking for an OB and got interested with Dra Ocampo. Was wondering if you can still remember her PF? Or roughly estimate of your 3 day stay at the hospital including Pedia and Anesthesiologist? I was planning to give birth at st.lukes qc since my ob is there but I was able to check the new maternal wing of world citi and got interested. Hoping for your reply. Thank you

    1. Hey Jane! Thanks for reading my posts! 🙂 Sorry, I haven’t updated this blog for months and I just thought it’s time to share new updates here.
      Well, I think it cost us around 90K including the PF of the OB and Pedia, and our 3-day stay in the hospital. I’m not just sure how much their rates now. Let us know, please. 🙂

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