Review: PINOY SPA ATBP – Facial Cleaning


I went to Pinoy Spa Atbp at Farmer’s Cubao for my facial cleaning and I was very disappointed with their service. In short, it was a negative experience

Actually it wasn’t my plan to go to their clinic/spa because I usually go to Dermcare but there were a lot of customers during that time, so I decided to try Pinoy Spa which is just right next.

I checked their services and I was surprised that their prices were cheaper compared to the other spas nearby. I was a bit hesitant and worried about it but since I didn’t want to wait any longer, I preferred to have my facial cleaning done with them.

They have two kinds of facial cleaning services. The first one costs P220 which according to the receptionist is just basic cleaning. The second one costs P270 and they call it deep cleaning. I asked them the difference of the two and they said the first one doesn’t have pricking while the second has and they use “high-tech machines” which I didn’t bother to ask because I thought those were the usual things I see whenever I have my facial cleaning done at the other clinics.

I chose the second option and paid it immediately. I was a little surprised though coz at Dermcare, they let us pay after the service. But that didn’t matter. All I wanted was to have my facial cleaning done.

Before the “Skin Consultant” started with the “deep facial cleaning” procedures, I asked her what kind of mask they use. She answered promptly and said, “Mam yung mask po yun yung pampatigas.” I was horrified with what she said but I kept it to myself.

I asked her again what type of mask they use, whether it’s whitening, seaweed, etc… And she answered, “Basta Mam yun po yung pampatigas, yung standard lang po.” I didn’t know what she meant and I was already worried but I let her continue with the “deep cleaning” thing even though I wasn’t sure if she really knows what she’s doing.

She cleaned my face and steamed it for about 15 minutes. Then she started pricking my blackheads/whiteheads on my nose. She’s got “heavy” hands and I don’t know why she started on the nose right away. Wasn’t she aware that it’s the most sensitive part of the face? I’m sure it’s either she didn’t know or she wasn’t taught about it.

But I stayed calm and quiet while my tears were rolling on the side because it was truly painful. And she didn’t even care to wipe my tears. She was so ungentle! She pricked one pimple on my forehead and I knew it bled because she was continuously wiping it. I asked what she was using and guess what? She was using tissue/toilet paper and alcohol! I asked her why alcohol and she said “Pantanggal po ng bacteria.” 

I almost freaked out but I kept calm coz I was afraid that she would “murder” my face even more. So I let her finish pricking which only took 5-10 mins because she only did it on my nose plus the pimple on my forehead that she pricked.

Then she put the “unknown” mask on my face and let it dry for about 10 mins before she peeled it off. And finally she said “Okay na po Mam, tapos na po,” which surprised me the most!

So I said, “Yun na yun? Yun ba ang deep cleaning na sinasabi nyo?” Wala bang laser o machine to open and close the skin pores before and after the procedure?” At yung high-tech machine na sinasabi nyo for deep cleaning yung steamer lang pala yun?!”

And she answered, Ano pong laser Mam? Ganun lang po ang facial cleaning namin. Yun lang po ang tinuro samin eh. Kaya nga po mas mura samin kesa sa iba…” 

That really made me aggravated  and I even wanted to shout at her but I held my temper because I knew it wasn’t her fault. But I told her that their service is very poor and they should not be offering facial cleaning services if they don’t know how to do it properly.

I was already hesitant about their facial cleaning service even before we started. I was worried that it might not go well. And true enough, my intuition was right. I was very disappointed with their service and I’m never going back to them again or maybe until they improve their services and taught their consultants how to treat their customers properly.

I thought I went there to have my face cleaned but what they did made it more susceptible to dirt because they left the pores open. In short, they made it worse! It’s now three days after the facial cleaning and I got more breakouts and the pores on my nose where the consultant pricked the most are even more visible now.

Going to Pinoy Spa Atbp for facial cleaning was totally a wrong decision. But it taught me three important lessons:

1. Not because it’s cheap, it’s good. More often than not, you just get what you paid for. If you pay less, you’ll get less. But in my case, I paid less and got more… pimples and headache!

2. Patience is the key. This is what I got from not having the patience to wait. Had I waited my turn to be accommodated at Dermcare, I’m sure I wouldn’t have ended up like this.

3. Ask, ask, ask.  Inquire as much information you need to know before deciding to have the service done with them. Ask details like the machines they use and the type of mask or ointment that they apply to make sure you’re at the right clinic. They said they have “high tech” machineS (with capital S at the end) but it turned out to be just the steamer. And knowing that they were just using alcohol and tissue paper for the pimple was totally disgusting and even insulting.

The main reason why I preferred to have my face cleaned at the derm clinic was because I knew they can do better and they have sophisticated machines which I don’t have at home. But with the type of service that I experienced with Pinoy Spa Atbp,  I wished I just bought facial wash, alcohol and COTTON balls, and cleaned my face on my own.

The service was only P270 and it didn’t hurt my pocket that much but I consider it a waste of time and money because it was totally worthless.


To the management of Pinoy Spa ATBP, I hope you stumble upon this post and improve your services or might as well just focus on your original massage services rather than adding more services like facial cleaning which you can’t manage properly. Your services are deceiving because they’re way cheaper than your competitors but how about your customers? Aren’t they the ones who would suffer with your poor services?

I hope you could take these points into consideration not only for your success but also for the sake of your customers.

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