My Cut Salon Review 2018: Hair Rebond Service, Price lists, and Photos


After I had a wonderful hair rebond experience at Cut Salon in January 2015, I have since become a loyal customer.

So today, I’ll share with you my review of Cut Salon based on my recent hair rebond session.

I know it’s time to visit Cut Salon when my hair is already wavy, dry, and my gray hair strands are already long and visible.

I usually have my hair rebond session every after 8 months, but I visit the salon every 3-4 months for hair treatment, hair cut, and hair dye if necessary.


Cut Salon Price List 2018

Cut Salon offers affordable hair services. Depending on your needs and budget, you can avail of any of their services from as low as P500 to as high as P3,500.

If you want to avail of discounts, you may inquire at Cut Salon to know if they have ongoing promos or discounted packages. When I visited Cut Salon on May 3, 2018, these are their packages and pricelist:

  • 500 – hair color, pro-v, haircut
  • 600 – hair color, 1-minute therapy, haircut
  • 800 – hair color, argan, pro-v, haircut
  • 1,000 – hair color, argan, deep moisture, haircut
  • 1,000 – rebond, cellophane, deep moisture, haircut
  • 1,000 – hair color, brazillian booster, haircut
  • 1,300 – rebond, deep moisture, hair cellophane, revitalize, pro-v, haircut
  • 1,500 – hair color, brazillian/diamante, haircut
  • 1,800 – rebond, color, cellophane, pro-v, hairspa, haircut
  • 2,500 – rebond, color, cellophane, brazillian/diamante, hairspa, pro-v, haircut
  • 3,500 – rebond, color, miracle, haircut

For me, I always choose the P2,500 package which includes rebond, color, cellophane, brazillian, hairspa, pro-v, and haircut.

During my last visit, I got additional discount because I purchased a voucher from Metrodeal. Instead of paying P2,500, I only paid P2,199 for the same package.

If you’re not familiar with Metrodeal, it is a group-buying site where customers can purchase products and services at a cheaper price. I have been purchasing vouchers from Metrodeal since 2010 and I’m glad I never had any issues with them and with the merchants.

To purchase a voucher from Metrodeal, just go to, sign up for an account, then choose the product or service that you want to purchase, choose the mode of payment, and complete the order.

Once your purchase is successful, you may download the voucher or take a screenshot of it. Take note of the validity date and branch.

To avail of the service that you purchased, go to the selected branch, then show the voucher on your cellphone to the person in charge. There’s no need to print the voucher anymore. Once your voucher is verified, they will accommodate you and have the service done.

Why I choose light brown for my hair color 

Before, I would always choose chestnut brown or lighter blonde for my hair color because it compliments my skin complexion. They say I look fairer with that hair color.

However, when my gray hair became more visible, I switched to light brown to totally cover or hide my gray hair.

As you can see on the photo above, my gray hair is still visible when I have chestnut brown or light blonde hair color compared when I have light brown which you can see at the beginning of this post. Yes, it’s light brown but it looks black since I have thick hair.

This is how my hair looks like when I have it with chestnut brown hair color. I liked it and I missed it. But since I’m no longer comfortable seeing my gray hair, I have to deal with the regular light brown hair for now.

Meet Zanjoe, my favorite hair stylist

I met Zanjoe when I first tried Cut Salon in January 2015. He knows his craft very well and he’s very accommodating and friendly. Since then, I would always request for him to do my hair. Whenever I visit Cut Salon, he already knows what to do with my hair. He’d tell me honestly if my hair doesn’t need to be rebonded yet, or if it’s better to have a hair treatment first. He gives suggestions but he also listens to my needs. This is why I am always a happy and satisfied customer of Cut Salon.

When is the best time to visit Cut Salon

Cut Salon at Farmer’s Cubao has gained a lot of customers since they opened in December 2014. From a very small space, the salon is much wider now compared to when they started.

And because they offer affordable and quality service, more and more customers are now visiting the salon. So, if you’re planning to have your hair done at Cut Salon, I suggest you go there during weekdays, before lunch time. If you go there in the afternoon or during weekends, expect that there will be longer lines and longer time to wait.

Other Services at Cut Salon with Updated Price List

Aside from hair rebond, hair color, and hair cut, Cut Salon also offers other services like Foot spa, Manicure, and Pedicure. For a complete list of Cut Salon’s services and price list, check the photo below.

Do I recommend Cut Salon? 

Absolutely! I recommend Cut Salon because of their quality and affordable services. Their hairstylists are well-trained and experienced. Their services and prices are at par with what other high-end salons offer. If I would rate their hair services, it would be 4 out of 5.

If there’s something that Cut Salon needs to improve on, I think it’s how they manage the schedule and assignments of their hairstylists. Sometimes, they take more customers even if they only have limited hairstylists available. For example in my case, the usual time for my hair rebond session takes 4-6 hours to finish. But sometimes, it takes 7-8 hours because I have to wait longer in between the procedures when the hairstylist is still working with another customer.

Nonetheless, I still like Cut Salon and as long as I’m happy with the result of my hair, I have no plans of switching to another salon just yet.

How about you? Have you tried Cut Salon? How was your experience? Share it at the comment section below and talk to you soon. 🙂

UPDATE: October 3, 2018

I went to Cut Salon today to have my hair dyed since my gray/white hair strands are already long and dry.

I’m glad Zanjoe was available today and I told him that I wanted to have my hair dyed to cover the gray hair and he recommended the Gorgeous Hair package which costs ₱1,290. It consists of hair color with keratin treatment and haircut.

I also availed of their premium mani-pedi-footspa service which costs ₱300. If you want to go for their regular mani-pedi-footspa service, it’s only ₱220.

It took 3 hours to have my hair done with the other services in between. I was advised to rinse/bath my hair after 3 days. Only then will I found out the actual result of my new hair color.

Here’s the before and after photo of my hair. cut-salon-cubao

I don’t see any white hair strands after the service and I’m happy about that! 🙂

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  1. I had terrible experience when it comes to ‘haircut’. It seems that customers are more welcome if you will have your hair rebonded than hair cut. First at CUT (2F, Farmers Plaza). I waited for an hour in the place where the receptionist told me to seat/wait but no one has attended me nor approached me. But, the customer who just arrived were asked directly to seat on the salon chair and had her hair cut ahead of me. And yesterday, June 16, 2019, my daughter had her hair’ trimmed only’ at CUT (this time at 3rd floor of Farmer’s Plaza). The service done was blower-cut-blower. The gay hair cutter charged me 150.00 after. According to the gay the charged for blower is Php100.00 Really? So, the rate is flexible? I would have brought my daughter to other salon who charged 100.00 for hair cut with blower plus the quality service. Not to this gay who over charged his poor service as after the hair cut there were still strands of longer hair left.In other words it was not done cleanly. So disappointed.

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