Macey’s first Halloween Party Experience

After Macey’s 1st birthday party, the next significant event in her life was her 1st Halloween Party at her Dad’s office in Makati City on October 24, 2014.

I didn’t get the chance to prepare much for her costume because I had been so busy with her recent birthday celebration. And initially, her dad decided not to let us go there anymore because the venue was far from our house and the schedule was after office hours, which will probably be finished late.

Then all of a sudden, here came the daddy saying he wanted us to attend the party, and that was already a day before the event. I didn’t know what to do coz it was kind of late notice. My mother-in-law owns a small tailoring shop but I’m sure they couldn’t make a dress/costume for Macey if it’s going to be worn the next day. So I checked Macey’s closet and luckily, I found one that she could wear for the event. What I found was a birthday present personally made by one of their dressmakers.

Then I hurriedly went to SM an hour before the mall closes and I found a set of butterfly wings, wand/stick and a headband.

I wasn’t sure if the color that I picked would match with her dress so when I got home, we tried it on her.  To my dismay, she got so irritated and disgusted with her dress and accessories and she ended up crying and screaming. Oh, poor baby… 🙁

Macey: “I don’t wanna be a butterfly, huhuhu”


On the day of the event, I was a little worried that Macey may not like to wear her costume. To think that it was the only costume I brought for the Halloween party.

But thanks goodness, she wore it without getting irritated and she was in a really good mood during the entire event.

Our little butterfly’s wings
Macey is listening attentively to Kuya of Jollibee
Macey with her favorite thing, her pacifier…
Macey close to Jollibee. Good thing she’s not scared of him. She’s getting used to seeing him.


She was supposed to attend 3 more Halloween parties (with her Titas) and we were already preparing for her costumes (wonder girl, witch, and Minnie mouse) but unfortunately, she got sick (read post here) and she wasn’t able to make it.

Nonetheless, we’re happy and thankful to her dad’s company for Macey’s 1st Halloween party experience. Not only did she enjoy, she got a lot of candies and prizes too! 🙂


We’re looking forward to next year’s Halloween parties and hopefully she wins one of the “Best in Costume” awards. 🙂

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