Macey was hospitalized…


It all started when she got fever and diarrhea. I don’t know if it’s just a myth but we thought that it was only due to her sprouting teeth. She had the same symptoms when her first tooth sprouted. We gave her Tempra for her fever, which seemed to have worked because she never had fever again.

However, her diarrhea continued for few more days. Her poop was green in color and it was wet. So we took her to her pedia for checkup at WCMC. Her poop was checked at the lab and the result was negative of amoeba. Her pedia prescribed home medications for her diarrhea and some rashes on her butt.

Two days later, her grannies thought she might have “pilay” so we decided to take her to a “manghihilot”, who happened to be unavailable that day. We brought her home again and that’s when we noticed that she had more rashes on the other parts of her body too. Some appeared to have blisters so we thought it was chicken pox.

But since we have different “speculations” about her condition, I decided to take her to the hospital again and her pedia ordered to admit her because her rashes have already spread to the other parts of her body. Even her mouth and throat were also infected. And that was the reason why she couldn’t eat or drink. Our poor baby was up the whole night, crying and whining…


Upon admission, it was a challenge for the nurses to inject dextrose into her vein through an IV to replace the lost fluids and provide carbohydrates to the body since she’s had diarrhea and she hadn’t been eating for a while due to her mouth and throat infections. Three nurses tried and it was only successful on the 5th attempt. Macey’s cry was like thunder in my ears and I couldn’t help but cry too. I wished I was the one on her situation so that she won’t have to go through all those pains.

Macey stayed in the hospital for 10 days. She developed trauma/phobia with the nurses and doctors. She starts to cry when she hears a knock on the door because most of the time, it’s the nurses coming in to inject something through IV.  I don’t know if she cries because she’s just scared of them or if she’s really hurt with the injection.


Before she was discharged, her pedia explained to me everything that I needed to know. The final diagnosis was, she had amoebiasis (yes, the result was positive on the second lab test); herpangina (painful mouth blisters/infection); skin dermatitis (rashes); and acquired pneumonia.

I was a bit surprised that all those symptoms have corresponding medical terms and these conditions seemed scary. Macey has never had pneumonia and I don’t know why she suddenly acquired it. She got colds and cough while in the hospital maybe because of the AC. I can’t believe that the X-ray result was positive of pneumonia.

During her stay in the hospital, Macey slowly got used to everything she sees and does. When her herpangina was cured, she was able to eat and play again. Even if she has dextrose attached to her hand, she managed to do the usual “clap clap”, high 5, and “aligning” her index finger with us. It was also a bit funny to see her riding on her dextrose stand while being pushed as if it’s her “broom broom” (car).


We’re very grateful that her doctors and nurses did everything they can to cure all the symptoms before she was approved to go home and continue some of the medications. But of course, it wouldn’t be possible without God’s help and guidance. I give thanks and praise to our Lord Almighty for the gift of life and healing that He bestowed upon us and our little girl.


A week after Macey was discharged from the hospital

Just an update about her condition, she’s been doing really well since she got home from the hospital. She eats well now and most of the time she’s walking and playing.

We continued some of her medications as ordered and prescribed by her doctor and so far she’s doing pretty well. No more diarrhea, no more rashes and no more cough that caused her pneumonia. We hope and pray that they’re all completely cured and hopefully she won’t acquire them again.

We’ve been stricter at home when it comes to taking care of her. We make sure that her food and utensils are clean before we feed her. We always wash our hands and put alcohol before giving her food or even before holding her. We always check her diaper and make sure we change it right away when she poops or urinates to avoid getting rashes.


Follow up Checkup with her Pedia

It’s exactly a week after Macey was discharged from the hospital and we went to her pedia today for her follow up checkup.

Everything was fine. Her pedia, Dra. Violeta Mendoza of World Citi Medical Center, didn’t find any symptoms of illness/disease. She gained .3 kg from the previous week and she’s more active and energetic now compared to when she was hospitalized.

Thanks God all is well so far and she just needed to have her vaccines done by next month.

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