It’s a baby girl!

My fifth ultrasound was done at Best Diagnostic Corporation on July 20, 2013. That time the impression was: pregnancy uterine 25 weeks 4 days by fetal biometry; low lying placenta; 60% girl. Oh, thank God! At least we already have an idea on what to buy for our baby girl even if it’s just 60%.

A week after that, I went back to my OB for my monthly checkup and she explained the details of the ultrasound. During my checkup, she told me that my tummy was really hard and tight and that she’s afraid I might go into pre-term labor.

She suggested steroid injections but I declined that time because I had to talk to my husband about it first. So she handed me a paper with some information about steroid injections and its advantages and benefits to the baby especially for pre-term delivery cases and she advised me to read it and search more about it on the internet.

For the meantime, she gave me prescriptions to lessen the risk of pre-term labor and strictly advised bed rest for a month.

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