WAHM Income Revealed: How Much Do I Earn From Blogging


I’ve been a work-at-home mom (WAHM) since 2014 and I have tried many home-based gigs including teaching from home, handling workshops, direct selling, stock market trading and blogging.

I have earned an income from these gigs, but not enough to sustain our needs and other personal expenses. And having so many things to do seemed like I was always busy and exhausted. I was multi-tasking and feeling productive, but I couldn’t achieve the result that I wanted.

In April of this year, I committed to focus on blogging until the end of the year. I wanted to know what will happen if I exert most of my energy and time on blogging alone, without any other jobs on the side.

By the way, I was already earning from my blogs even before April, averaging $200 per month. But when I started focusing on blogging, here’s what happened to my blogging revenues:

  • March 2017 – $230 / P11,507
  • April 2017 – $346 / P17,324
  • May 2017 – $415 / P20,772
  • June 2017 – $602 / P30,085
  • July 2017 – $702 / P35,113
  • August 2017 – $729 / P36,465
  • September 2017 – $800 / P40,000

These revenues are from Google AdSense alone.

There are many ways to earn from blogging including affiliate marketing (commission-based) and sponsored posts (project-based), but I focus on Google AdSense for now.

When my income from Google AdSense becomes stable, I will learn more about the other monetization strategies and implement them on my blogs.


How did I learn about blogging? 

I have been a blog reader since I was pregnant with Macey. I was on bed rest during my entire pregnancy, that’s why I was just at home reading blogs, watching TV, and waiting for my husband to come home from work.

And because I had nothing much to do, I started writing my pregnancy diary and some other articles. I wanted to create my own blog site, but I didn’t know how, so I just saved my articles on my computer.

When I resigned from my previous job in May 2014, the first thing I did was to find home-based related workshops. Thankfully, I found WAHM 101, a workshop for WAHM-wannabes or moms who wanted to shift from working in the corporate world to working at home.

The facilitator, Martine de Luna, the panelists and guests, and even my co-participants have their own blogs. I was surprised and I was so inspired to create my own blog too.

When I got home after that workshop, I did my research on how to set up a blog. After three weeks of sleepless and stressful nights trying to learn about blogging, I finally launched my first blog, the PinayInvestor.com, where I share my experiences about investing.

A week later, I created this blog, PinayInvestorMom.com, to share my experiences about pregnancy and parenting.

It was only after a year of blogging that I learned to monetize my blogs. Why? Because I didn’t know how and even if I found several resources online, I couldn’t figure out how to set it up properly.

At first, I monetized my blog through Infolinks and Chitika. I tried applying for Google AdSense, but I was never approved for PinayInvestor.com even if it had several blog posts already. Then, I tried applying PinayInvestorMom.com for Google AdSense late in 2015. Luckily, after three applications, it was finally approved.

However, even if I already had an active AdSense account, I didn’t have the motivation to blog because I was busy with other things. I was very active handling workshops at that time.

Mid of 2016, I created a new blog and started publishing blog posts. The revenue went up, but I had to put blogging on the side because I was still busy handling workshops and I also got an opportunity to conduct a workshop (as a speaker) on how to earn from home as a blogger.

We had 8 successful sessions of this workshop before I decided to take a break so that I could focus on blogging again.

And that’s what I’m doing right now – blogging full time while managing our household and taking care of my little girl.

What’s next for me in blogging? 

I don’t know where blogging is going to take me, but as of the moment, I’m motivated to continue blogging and grow my blogs.

I consider blogging as a job that allows me to earn income; as a hobby/passion/advocacy because I love writing and it allows me to help and give value to other people; and a strategy that helps me achieve my bigger dreams and goals in life.

In my future post, I will share with you the steps on how to create a blog and how to monetize it in case you’re interested to blog as well.

P.S. My sister resigned from her job, started blogging last month, and luckily had her Google AdSense account approved just last week. I’ll also share with you soon her story on how she started blogging and how much she’s earning now from her blog.

P.S.2 I have created an e-book, entitled, “How to Quit your Job and Start Working from Home” where I share my story and tips about working from home. This is only P199 and if you wish to get a full copy of this ebook, please click here. Thank you! 🙂 


  1. Glad to know another success story of Pinoy bloggers. Almost a year after writing this post, I’m curious to know what are the other ways you monetize your blog.

    Blogging has become my side hustle. I also tried testing app on uTest (https://pwedepadala.com/utest-get-paid-to-test-mobile-and-web-apps/) here in Canada. I thought you might also want to try it as a diversion from blogging and still earning.

    Looking forward for more tips on how to monetize the blog etc.

    1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 Right now, I’m just focusing on blogging with Google Adsense, but I’m continuously searching for other ways to earn online. Thank you for suggesting uTest. I’m not really tech savvy but testing apps sounds interesting. I will also share this with my husband who’s into gaming. I read some of your blog posts and I hope to know you even better. 🙂

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