First Ultrasound Scan: POSITIVE (pregnancy confirmed; but twins? To be confirmed…)

Two days passed. I was still overwhelmed with the result of the recent PT but I wasn’t confident enough. I wanted to make sure it’s really positive.

So my husband and I went to St. Luke’s Medical Center in QC and there we had our first ultrasound. Thankfully, that time without any doubt, the result was positive.

The impression was I was pregnant for 6 weeks 1 day AOG by mean sac diameter (13.1mm).

I didn’t know what the other details meant but knowing that I’m truly pregnant gave me peace of mind.

What added up to our excitement was when the sonologist asked me if we have a history of twins in the family because 2 yolk sacs were seen in the ultrasound scan which means that it might be a twin pregnancy.

Neither of our families have twins but the thought of having a possible twin pregnancy excited me much more. However, a repeat scan was recommended to confirm pregnancy viability.

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