First PT: Negative ( false pregnancy alarm?)

Around last week of February, I had a mild headache. I didn’t worry much about it because I was thinking it I was just a little bit stressed out at work and school.

I didn’t even think that I’m pregnant because it was just almost a month after my last period and just like what I mentioned above, my period is usually irregular. Most of the time it’s delayed and I couldn’t predict when it’s coming next.

But because my husband was so excited to know if I was already pregnant or not, he bought me a PT and I did it that same afternoon, only to find out it’s negative. We were a little disappointed but I told him that having a baby takes time. We only tried once so maybe it wasn’t enough yet.

We know of a few friends and relatives who have been trying for a couple of months and even years already but still couldn’t have one just yet. More tries, more patience, and more prayers are indeed needed to get pregnant.

Though some couples are blessed to have babies right away, it’s not always the same for all. I’ve always believed that if it’s for you, you’ll have it; if not yet, then so be it but don’t lose hope, just keep trying and have faith.

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