Cycles, our New-found Love for my Baby’s Sensitive Skin

cycles for baby products

My baby has very sensitive skin, constantly dealing with diaper rashes, insect bites, and all sorts of skin irritations. It gets even worse when she scratches it, which often takes longer to heal and it leaves dark scars on her skin.

I remember there was a time when she had rashes and she was just crying the whole night. I knew it was really itchy and uncomfortable for her because she was trying to scratch every part of her body but she couldn’t because I didn’t let her, until I ended up bringing her to the hospital because I didn’t know what to do anymore.

I’ve tried different brands of baby wash and lotions, including natural and organic, but none of them seemed to have worked on her.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I also have very sensitive skin and I can’t help but think that her skin type was one of the few things that I’ve passed on to her. I feel sorry for her that’s why I’m always on the hunt to try out new products that would hopefully work perfectly on her sensitive skin.

This is my first time to encounter Cycles products and I wished I’ve known about this earlier. The first time I tried the Cycles Sensitive Head-to-Toe Baby Wash on my baby, I already felt that this was what I’ve long been looking for. It’s fragrance-free, which I believe is a sign that it’s safe for my baby’s skin, and it feels oh, so soft on her skin! I may sound OA, but honestly, this was the first time I saw my baby enjoying her bath using this baby wash. I was also surprised because she kept on kissing and hugging her new baby wash and she didn’t even want want to give it to me anymore. For some reasons, my little girl fell in love with Cycles!


We’ve also used Cycles Baby Lotion and it felt so soft on her skin as well. With her previous lotion, sometimes she wouldn’t want me to apply it on her skin. But with this Cycles lotion, she even initiates to put it on her own skin. I love how she giggles when she presses the pump and the lotion comes out of it.

We’ve only used the Cycles products for a week, but we love them already! We really hope it’s the one! The one that will finally bring her flawless skin back, without the irritations, impurities and all.


Why use Cycles Sensitive Baby Skin Care Products for your baby?

Why not?!

Cycles products are fragrance-free, verified hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and dermatologist-tested.

Yes, it’s super safe for babies!

And not only that, it’s super affordable too! That’s why I now consider Cycles a must-have for my baby girl.


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