Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)

Hey, happy holidays!

Or should I say belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year? 🙂

Well, I just got the time to blog again and I’m excited to give you updates on my what-and-where-abouts during the holidays…

We spent Christmas Eve at my husband’s family’s home, where we currently live, and we spent it with his whole family and my family too! 🙂

Yeah, that was a super extended family gathering and we had a lot fun. Thanks to my generous in-laws. We don’t have a perfect family but I’m blessed to have them.

Just like our usual tradition during Christmas Eve, we greeted each and everyone “Merry Christmas” then we exchanged gifts, and finally we had our Noche Buena at around 1AM already after we opened our gifts and took pictures.

Christmas 2015

We went to Mariveles, Bataan with my husband’s family to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with his aunt’s family. It was a long drive, but it was well worth it because we got to welcome 2016 with them and our entire family.

We also went to the beach on the first day of the year and it was fun. Macey enjoyed swimming and playing with her cousin whom she just met that day.

It was my third time in Bataan and it was still as exciting as the first and second time we went there. The first time was last year right after New Year’s Day. We enjoyed so much and we felt “bitin” so we decided to go back during the Holy Week in April.


Before my husband and I got married, I used to spend Christmas with my family at my apartment (now my sister’s) and we spend the New Year’s Eve with our super extended family and relatives in Cavite, where most of them live.

I missed those times.

I never got to spend the holidays with them anymore since I got married. I tried to ask my husband if he’d like the idea of going to Cavite for Christmas or New Year, but we always end up staying because of course, “family first”, which I completely understand.

New Year 2013

Next year, if God and our resources permit, I’d like to spend the holidays in my hometown, in Samar. The last time I spent Christmas there was when I was still in high school.

That was almost 13 years ago and I still remember how exciting and fun it was during the Christmas season. I enjoyed decorating our house and making Christmas trees made of simple and natural materials. We had a Christmas tree made of Perla soap, another one made of thread, cotton, a real tree, and others.

I missed listening to different versions of Christmas carols which starts on the 16th and ends on the evening of December 24. I even used to join my friends going house-to-house to sing Christmas carols.

Usually we have “sayawan” or dance party held at the plaza on the evening of December 31 to welcome the New Year. As soon as it hits 12 midnight, you’ll hear different sounds – from the sound of motorcyles, loud music, sounds from kitchen utensils and old “kawali” or “kaserola”, and loud yet sincere greetings of Happy New Year from the neighborhood.

It was fun. Really fun. And I really hope we could spend the next holidays in the province.

That’s almost 11 months from now so let’s see what happens…


Anyway, happy new year to you and your family and I wish you success, good health, and more blessings this year!

Thanks for reading and thank you for the love! 🙂

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