Celebrating my 32nd Birthday at our new home

I celebrated my 32nd birthday at our new house with my family and a few relatives and friends.

Few days before my birthday, my siblings and I planned to celebrate the night before my birthday. Our plan was to have a halo-halo party while playing cards.

It was my sister-in-law, Jhey, who brought the ingredients for halo-halo. For dinner, John, my husband, cooked fried chicken, grilled liempo, and ensaladang talong with green mangoes.

Dinner time!

After dinner, we played cards while my older brother and cousin had some beer.

On the day of my birthday, some of our relatives came over to celebrate with us. For lunch, my husband cooked beef broccoli and fried chicken, I cooked Bicol Express, my younger sister made Mango Float, while my sister-in-law cooked spaghetti.

For dinner, we entertained another set of relatives from my husband’s side. In addition to what we have prepared, Dada, our aunt who takes care of my mother-in-law, also cooked sinigang na ulo ng salmon and grilled tuna and bangus. I’m also glad to have received 3 cakes on my birthday.

It was just a simple celebration.

What made it special was the presence of my loved ones who celebrated with me and the wonderful messages I received from family and friends.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life. Happy 32nd birthday to me! 🙂

My 31st birthday

Last year, I celebrated my 31st birthday at Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot in Cubao. It was my first time to invite and treat my siblings to a buffet and we had a lot of fun. There were a lot of food choices. There were also lechon, steak, turkey, hotpot, and lots of desert options.



Since it was my birthday, it was free for me and I only paid P3,000 including 4 adults and 2 kids. Super sullit! Busog na busog kaming lahat. 🙂

My 30th Birthday

My 30th birthday was one of the most memorable celebrations for me because that was when I achieved one of my big goals which is to have my own car on my 30th birthday.

I was a struggling work-at-home mom handling workshops and blogging but I wasn’t earning enough. After I attended the 3-day Millionaire Mind’s Intensive Program by T. Harv Eker at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia on February 26-29, 2015, I got so inspired, so I set a big goal and “wait for the universe” to make it happen in 100 days or less by following the method they taught in the program.

The program says that I just need to set a goal and believe that I will achieve it. I don’t need to know how.

At first I didn’t believe that it was possible because I didn’t have savings, I wasn’t earning enough, and I didn’t know where to get the money from to pay the down payment of the car.

But I tried to follow the law of attraction that was taught in the program. I wrote my goal on a piece of paper and I put a picture of a red car on my vision board. I also set it as a wallpaper on my computer and cellphone. Everyday, I would read my goal out loud with emotions and visualize that the car is already in my possession.


I also visited some car dealer shops to check the different options, to get price computations, and most importantly, to touch, feel, and try the actual car.

A few weeks before my birthday, I submitted my loan application to different sales agents and banks. Some of them told me that my application was not approved. But I continued to read and visualize my goal.

A day before my birthday, the last agent who handled my application told me that my loan application was disapproved. He said he tried his best but none of the banks approved my application.

I was disappointed but I accepted it. I thought maybe God has other plans and having a car wasn’t right for me at that time.

I woke up very early on the day of my 30th birthday. I prayed and surrendered my goal to God, then I went to the nearest church to hear the morning mass.

When I got home, I received a call from the agent telling me that my application was approved by another bank and I can pick up my brand new car anytime within the day.


And there I have it!

It may just be a simple and cheap car, but what I learned along the process was priceless. Nothing is impossible if you believe, you take action, and you trust God.

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  1. Congratulation for having a new home! And belated happy b-day. Do you have tips on where to buy furniture in Manila? My family is about to move to a new home this month and we are looking for affordable sofa, bed frame, and TV rack.

    I found the website https://www.furnituremanila.com.ph/ but can’t find any reviews online. I’ll get back here to give you an update. Thanks!

    1. Hello!
      There are a lot of furniture stores in the malls. Sa SM, you can find furniture sa Our Home section. Sa ibang malls marami ding stores like SylPaulJoyce where we got our sofa. My brother, who also moved in to his new house just last week, bought his dining set at Dedipo near Fairview Center Mall, and his sofa at SM’s Our Home. Makakamura ka kung bibili ka sa mga furniture stores na hindi nasa mall. Pili ka lang ng magandang quality kahit medyo mahal basta pangmatagalan.

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