Baby’s doing pretty good so far…

I thought I was already giving birth in August but thanks God, my baby held on tightly without giving mommy much worries.

On my sixth ultrasound which was done at the same diagnostic center (Best DC) on August 31, 2013, the result and impression were much better already: pregnancy uterine 32 weeks 2 days by fetal biometry; 90% girl; placenta has migrated; and the baby’s position was no longer breech.

I went back to my OB for my checkup and for the interpretation of the ultrasound result. Just like the impressions on the ultrasound, my OB’s findings were also more positive now.

The baby’s heartbeat was normal; my cervix has not dilated yet; and yes, the baby is still inside my tummy while she was worried that I might give birth anytime back in August.

Also that time, my husband and I already decided to have the steroid shot but to our surprise, my OB told us that there’s no need to do it anymore because our baby seems like she still loves staying inside my tummy and there’s less chance now of having pre-term labor.

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