How to Book a Flight and Avail of Air Asia Promo

A few days ago, I received a call from my cousin asking me if there is an Air Asia Promo and if I could book a flight for her going to Tacloban. She said that she and her siblings are planning to throw a surprise birthday party for their dad, who’s currently in Tacloban.

I checked out the website and found some Air Asia promo and low fares going to Tacloban. So I did her a favor of booking a return flight from Manila to Tacloban and vice versa.

Actually, it wasn’t the first time I booked a flight for her with Air Asia. Around 4 months ago, when our grandfather passed away, I also booked a flight for her and her family. Good thing there was also an Air Asia promo, which saved us a few hundreds from the regular fares.

Air Asia is our top choice when booking a flight because of its cheap and low fares. Air Asia is also what I recommend to my family and friends whenever they need to book either for domestic or international flights.

For my cousin who would always ask me a favor of booking a flight for her, I told her that it’s actually very easy to do it. She said the reason she doesn’t do it herself is because she doesn’t have a credit card. When I told her that she doesn’t have to have a credit card to book a flight online because there are different modes of payment, she was totally surprised, so she agreed to let me teach her how to book a flight online, which I will also share with you here.


Easy Steps to Book a Flight Online with Air Asia

1.       Go to

2.       Search Flights

  •          Select if it’s a Return, One-way, or Multi-city flight
  •          Select the Origin and Destination
  •          Choose the Schedule from the Calendar
  •          Number of Passengers (Adult, Kids, and Infants)
  •          Currency (ex. Philippine Peso)
  •          Enter Promo Code (if there’s none, just leave it blank)
  •          Click SEARCH
  • Search Flights-Air-Asia

3.       Under Depart, choose your Flight Schedule with the Depart and Arrive Time on the left column.

4.       To look for Air Asia Promo, check the Low Fare column (middle) to see the lowest or cheapest fares available and select the fare based on your desired schedule


5.       Do the same thing under Return

6.       Click Continue (lower right hand side of the page)

7.       Login (if you have an existing Air Asia Account or Sign up if you want to)

8.       Or click Continue as a Guest (if you don’t want to sign up for now)

9.       Fill out the Guest Details and Click Continue

10.   Choose Add-ons

  •          Checked baggage
  •          Inflight Meal
  •          Pick A Seat
  •          Inflight Comfort
  •          AirAsia Travel Protection

Make sure you check the details of these add-ons before you click Yes or No. In my case, I usually check in my baggage for return flights, I SKIP on the Inflight, Pick A Seat and Inflight Comfort, and I pay for AirAsia Travel Protection in some of my travels. If you don’t want to avail of any of these add-ons, then just click NO or deselect the options and skip to the next step or click CONTINUE.

11.   Under the Review and Pay page, review the flight details including the place of origin and destination and the flight schedules.

12.   Read the Terms and Conditions and Check the box if you read and agree to it.

13.   Complete your contact details including your email address and mobile phone number, and/or add an Emergency contact.

14.   Select your preferred currency and payment method

Mode of Payment-Air-Asia

  •          Internet Banking (Direct Debit)

                               i.      Dragonpay

  •          Credit Card / Debit Card

                               i.      VISA

                               ii.      MasterCard

                               iii.      AirAsia EZPay

                               iv.      BIG Prepaid

  •          Payment Partners

                              i.      Cebuana Lhuiller

                              ii.      Bayad Center

                              iii.      Robinsons Department Store

                              iv.      The SM Store

                              v.      ECPay

                              vi.      7-Eleven

  •          E-Gift Voucher

Take note that Processing Fee applies and it varies depending on the mode of payment chosen.


15.   Click PURCHASE and Follow the next steps or instructions for the chosen mode of payment.

For example, if you choose to pay at 7-Eleven, the screenshot below contains the instructions. Pay within the time stated to secure your flight booking. Otherwise, it will not be confirmed or you’d have to book your flight again.


16.   Check your email for your Itinerary. It will be sent to you as soon as the flight booking is confirmed. If you have an account with Air Asia, you can check or manage your bookings by logging in to your account.

If you don’t receive the Itinerary on your email, you may contact Air Asia so they could resend it to you.

17.   Print your Itinerary and bring it with you on the date of your flight. Make sure to bring a valid ID too and follow the reminders or instructions stated in the Itinerary.


If you want to be updated with Air Asia Promo and Low Fares, I suggest that you signed up for their newsletter or at the Air Asia website so you can easily book a flight. Plus, you can take advantage of the other features such as managing your booking, checking your booking status, editing your profile, earning BIG points, among others. You may also check the Air Asia website from time to time so you don’t miss any Air Asia Promo and Red Hot Sale, which are usually exclusive for Air Asia BIG Members only.


I hope you were able to follow the steps on how to book a flight with Air Asia online and I also hope my tips on how to avail of Air Asia promo were helpful. I’d love to know how your experience was while booking online or finding promos with Air Asia. Let’s chat at the comment section below!

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